What paper do you use?
I use Langtons cold and hot press watercolour paper. On occasions I will use Arches Hot Press watercolour paper.
What Programs/Tech do you use?
I use Adobe Photoshop for colouring, drawing and cleaning up artwork. 
I have a BROTHER scanner/Printer for large work and a HP Scanjet G4010 for smaller work.
For A3 printing I use a Canon Pro-100.
I draw in photoshop with a Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet.
What pencils/ pens/ brushes do you use?
I use mechanical pencils for a consistent thin line, I have a few I use for specific graphite types B, HB, H. 
Pens I use 2 Staedtler mars metric technical pens 0.5 and 0.05 and a range of their pigment liners.
I use a range of brushes, both synthetic and sable for different markings and strokes, some are perhaps 30-40 years old. 
I use Windsor and Newton Ink (Black Indian Ink) for the majority of my monochrome work. 
Can I get your art as a tattoo?
I am fine with people getting my art as a tattoo,  I would love to see photos of the finished thing!
Can I use your art in my videos/streams/broadcasts?
No, you must contact me for permission and reason for use.

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